Andrew Pearson

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Andrew Pearson was founded by Hal and Sue Brownfield Troy, Michigan. They have been manufacturing glass furniture since 1989. They’re presently location in Mount Airy, NC. With all of their hard work and dedication, they are now the leading glass manufacturer in North Carolina. Andrew Pearson was the first to modify stone cutting machinery and the first to bond metal to glass. They have been evolving technology over the years, to developing a way to fuse glass to create their line of thick glass products.They create beautiful countertops and vanities for commercial and residential consumers while being environmentally friendly. Their glass products contain portions of recycled glass to reduce their carbon footprint. All of their glass, except laminated glass are fully recyclable. They manufacture different types of glass. They manufacture fuzion, laminated, bonded, frosted, edged, painted, shaped and Holes and cut out glass.

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