Delivery Information

Revised 8/28/2018

  • We can recommend several delivery options for your purchase. Prices and service times are established by the delivery company and as such we have no control of them. We assure you we try to work with the best in the industry and they understand if they don’t do a good job for you, we will discontinue giving those companies referrals.
  • You must contract directly with the delivery company and they will contact you to schedule your delivery. Flexibility is the key, because in order for them to survive they must run efficient delivery routes. If you have special requests for times or dates- they may have to charge you extra to accommodate you, if they are able to do it.
  • As noted in your conditions of sale, it is your responsibility to make sure items will fit into desired areas. You should make sure the area is ready to receive your new goods. Your delivery team is paid to bring in and place the items (one time) where you want them. If additional movement of product is required, you must work it out with your delivery team and if appropriate provide them with additional compensation.
  • Inspect your product closely with your delivery driver because all items have been inspected prior to their picking up and if any problems have occurred during transit- it must be noted on the delivery document to support your claim.