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Duralee first started out as the world’s finest and exciting fabric brands. Lenny Silberman first established Duralee in 1952 in a small office. In 1999, Duralee design established their own design studio in New York’s Chelsea region. Duralee had their own fabric patterns that were fresh and fun yet had a chic design. With their success in the fabric company, they decided to move forward and experiment with creating their own furniture. Duralee was very successful with their furniture line. In 2003, they introduced their furniture line called Duralee Furniture. Their furniture facility is located in Morganton, NC. Duralee was the first in the fabric industry to build their own furniture “in-house”. They create living room furniture, dining chairs, beds & headboards, outside furniture, accent tables and even have their own build your own option. Their headquarters is located in Hauppauge, NY. With Duralee Furniture being made in America, they offer exceptional quality and allow customization options for their customer’s to have the “perfect” piece for their home.

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$3,712.00 $1,276.00

Robert Allen Dining Table CS-80

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$3,052.00 $297.00

Manhattan Side Chair 60-175

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$3,300.00 $499.00

Chair CS-30

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$2,805.00 $396.00

Shelby Bench 50-100

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$3,960.00 $2,880.00

Skirted Upholstered Lounge Chair CS-30-Lounge

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$1,567.00 $1,140.00

Skirted Upholstered Side Chair CS-30-Side

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$1,650.00 $1,199.00

Skirted Upholstered Arm Chair CS-30-Arm

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$1,650.00 $199.00

Ottoman CS-50

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